What ingredients does Glenwood Smoked Products use in your products?
The majority of our jerky is beef jerky, but we also have pork, turkey, and many other flavors. We also process wild game for many customers, so we have experience with many types and flavors of meat.
Does Glenwood Smoked Products deliver orders?
Glenwood can deliver some orders in our local area, for an additional charge. If you have questions about local deliveries, please contact us!
How long does it take Glenwood Smoked Products to make a batch of jerky?
Our jerky uses a custom process with quality ingredients, and we can make a batch from start to finish in roughly five hours.
How do I arrange for catering from Glenwood Smoked Products?
Catering is one of our most popular services. In order to ensure that we provide the finest experiences for your party or event, we like to know about the catering at least 1 week in advance. If you have special requirements, please contact us! We are friendly and like to help.
What is Glenwoods Smoked Products shipping policy?
You can find our shipping information on our shipping page.
What is Glenwoods Smoked Products returns policy?
You can find our returns policy on our returns policy page.
Does Glenwoods Smoked Products offer organic or gluten-free options?
Most of our jerky products are gluten free, but teriyaki flavors require soy and wheat. For suggestions, we are always open to feedback, so please contact us with ideas!
Can I find Glenwood products in stores?
Our delicious smoked products are available in many locations, including Sportsmans Warehouse, Army Surplus, Common Sense gas stations, Broulim’s grocery stores, and many other places. If you have a location where you would like to see our products, please contact us!